I thought this problem was gone, but I was wrong.

I deleted everything from the database that isn't directly involved 
in this problem. I also deleted all Transparent Folders.

http://yourserver:8080/method_A still works. 
http://yourserver:8080/method_A/manage_main shows the path as 

Disabling the TransparentFolders patch and restarting, 
http://yourserver:8080/method_A returns Not Found.

Renaming Folder_A to Folder_AX, http://yourserver:8080/method_A 
returns Not Found.

Creating a new folder named Folder_A and copying everything from the 
original Folder_A into it, http://yourserver:8080/method_A still 
returns Not Found.

So we're dealing with serious voodoo here. It seems that I can 
eliminate the problem by simply copying the project to a new 
directory. But I would very much like to know what is going on here, 
rather than just sweep the problem away. I just know it will come 
back to bite me if I do that.

Itai The Infinitely Annoyed

Shane Hathaway wrote:

>Itai Tavor wrote:
>>  The TransparentFolders Product seems to make everything
>>  transparent... not just transparent folders.
>>  Zope/
>>       Folder_A/
>>           method_A
>>           Folder_B/ (transparent folder)
>>               method_B
>>  I'd expect the only effect of the transparent folder to be that
>>  /Folder_A/method_B would work. But /method_A and /method_B also work.
>>  Tested in Zope 2.3b2 and 2.3b3 with TransparentFolders 0.3.
>Hmm... I can't get mine to do that.  You're sure Folder_A isn't
>transparent also?  Did you ever have a transparent folder by that name,
>in that same place?  (Indicating a bug)
>Otherwise leaving things as they are, if you put a transparent folder at
>the root of the site, do you still get the same behavior?
>What path does it tell you if you visit

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