Hi Andy,

> -    Why does an ESDC have a session timeout in 20 minutes, yet the cookie
> lifespan can be 30 days. Surely there will be no way to tie a cookie back
> to a session since the ESDC will be have had that person nuked, I was sort
> of hoping I coudl persist the data in the ESDC for a long time to provide
> storage (I could always set the minutes to 99999 or something silly). I
> guess if I really want data to be persisted for ever some sort of
> product will be needed...

A session data object timeout of "0" as set in the session data container
means "give me completely persistent session data objects, do not expire
them".  Set it to this, and set a high cookie timeout.  But yes, a better
way to do something like this is to use sessioning in combination with a
membership product.

> -    Mounting a non-undoable db into Zope is not trivial unless there is
> something Im missing. There's a non-undoable system every Zope
> has called the file system, why dont we use that? I was thinking we could
> modifiy LocalFS to provide that sort of functionality would be much
> easier...

Local filesystem access won't work across ZEO clients.  The primary purpose
of an external data container is to provide access to a shared namespace
between ZEO clients.  This doesn't mean someone couldn't write an alternate
data container implementation that uses the filesystem, however.

As far as the difficulty of mounting goes, when I can find some time, I want
to write a mounting howto.


- C

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