Erik Enge wrote:
> [Michael R. Bernstein]
> | What I'm looking for is any indication that object creation time
> | and/or indexing time goes up with the number of objects already in
> | the ZODB.
> Well, one thing I've already learned - which you all probably know -
> is that you do _not_ want to put index_object() in your class'
> __init__() method.  That's because the CatalogAwarness class you
> subclass does this for you in the manage_afterAdd() method.

For my 'archive' applications, I'm using a SkinScript to
index the objects as they're added instead of subclassing
from CatalogAware.

> | Will you be populating the ZODB in batches (say 100,000 objects or
> | so)?
> I'll do that as a secondary solution, if doing it in one batch is too
> ineffective.

I should mention that even spliting this up into three
batches of 9 million records would *probably* give me the
indication I'm looking for, as to whether there was any
progressive performance degradation with the number of

Thanks again, Erik, and good luck!

Michael Bernstein.

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