I'm trying to create a tag to evaluate the expression passed to it, adding in the 
expression eval namespace a variable that contains the result of dtml processing of 
the tag's block. For instance, the following construct:

<dtml-bvar "foo(a=1)" var="block">
   some text <dtml-var "1+2">

would invoke the expression "foo(a=1)" with a variable named 'block' set to 'some text 
3' in the expression's namespace (btw, is it possible to achieve this using regular 

However, I couldn't find a way to set a variable in the namespace used in the 
evaluation of the expression. I've tried to insert an entry in the mappings passed to 
the expression eval() method as follows:

def __init__(self, blocks):
   tname, args, section = blocks[0]
   self.section = section.blocks
   # code that sets self.blockvar as the "var" attribute
   # code that sets self.expr as the tag's expression

def render(self, md):
   d[self.blockvar] = render_blocks(self.section,md)  # process the dtml block
   d={}; md._push(d)
   e = Eval(self.expr, expr_globals).eval(md)
   return render_blocks([e],md)

But this doesn't seem to do it.

Any hints on how to make this work?


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