Hi all,

I have the following question about Persistence in Zope.

I am developing a Product. This product is using some classes internally.
These classes are non Zope classes. I found out in one of the How-To's that
the Zope persistence machinery can be triggered with the expression:
_p_changed = 1, so I am able to make my non Zope classes persistent.

I use the following setup:

class ZopishClass:

        def __init__ (self, id):
                self.id = id
                self.listOfNonZopeClass2 = []

class NonZopeClass1:

        def __init__ (self, id):
                self.id = id
                self.subListOfNonZopeClass2 = []

class NonZopeClass2:

In the subListOfNonZopeClass2 I store a subset of the instances of
NonZopeClass2 that are in listOfNonZopeClass2. Now my question is:
Should is store id's in the subListOfNonZopeClass2, or should I store 'real'

According to the "Programming Python" book the pickling process takes care
or storing objects only once, but it seems that this is not true for Zope

Anybody that can help me out?


Jan Murre

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