Today's show opens with an usability bug (that's what it looks like to me,
anyway).  Sit back and feel free to buy an albatross from the strange man.

I've got a ZCatalog named Catalog, living its normal life at /.

When I'm in /Catalog/manage_catalogIndexes the index names are <a
href>'s.  Strange, since they all link to /Catalog.

In the's doc string, it says: "[...] ZCatalog's can index
either 'Field' values of object, or 'Text' values [...]".  What about
Keyword indexes?  Am I confusing myself?

And finally, the thing I really came here for, what good is the size?  And
who calculates it?  I have three objects that has the attribute
sales_line, although the sales_line index' size is 847.  Clues?

Also, could anyone point me to some good documentation (reference material
would be best) about how the different Indexes work?  I'm having a bit of
a struggle with numbers, FieldIndexes and TextIndexes.


This is Zope 2.3.1b1 by the way; Linux.

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