Casey Duncan wrote:
> >
> > We're using the internals of ZCatalog to do searching stuff in our Python
> > Product. I've managed to get it working at a basic level by constructing a
> > Catalog instance and adding indexes and calling searchResults(). Only now I
> > need to get into more advanced features, like partial word matches and
> > multiple or'ed search fields.
> >
> > I tried just passing a GlobbingLexicon() to Catalog instantiation, but that
> > completely failed to work. As far as I can tell, it's not using the
> > GlobbingLexicon at all (I put a print statements in all the methods and
> > nothing is printed).
> >
> > I then tried using ZCatalog.Vocabulary(globbing=1) and that didn't seem to
> > work either (still no hits on the GlobbingLexicon methods).
> >
> > Also, any hints as to how to have a "match any" multiple field "or" search
> > would be greatly appreciated. I _think_ I can somehow pass a list of the
> > fields to searchResults() as some sort of argument, but I'm really not sure
> > how.
> Globbing support is part of the Vocabulary object which must be turned
> on when it is instanciated AFAIK. Are you passing the Catalog an
> existing Vocabulary when you create it or are you having it create one
> for you?

I tried both

   my_catalog = Catalog(GlobbingLexicon())


   my_catalog = Catalog(Vocabulary(globbing=1))

and neither resulted in any calls to any GlobbingLexicon methods!


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