I was trying to call a PythonScript from a __getstate__ method of the
object.  That seems impossible since the object appears to be already
unwrapped.  Know of any ways to get back the wrapper after it has been
disposed of?

I'm trying to add a manage_afterPropertyChanged hook, and I think I've found
another way to do it.

Thanks for the help,

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> Anybody know how I can call  a pythonscript from python?  Currently I can
> call it, but I seem to have no context or security context, because it
> either will not let me access anything or fail with an attribute error in
> the context.  What are the params that I NEED to pass in so that it can do
> its bindings (and if you know how to get them automagically, that would be
> incredible)?

How does the Python code get executed (External Method? Product?) and how
does it get access to the Script?  Calling a Script should indeed
automagically give it context from its acquisition wrapper.


Evan @ digicool

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