Steve Spicklemire wrote:

>    Makes sense to me! I'm guessing eval was used since it's a little
> simpler not to have to keep track of both the string expression and
> the compiled expression.. but that's just a guess. However it does

Crap... just noticed that the eval()'d version does compile() the
expression and caches it. That shoots that optimization... time for more

> bring up a point I've been wondering about anyway. Now that Ty and
> Phillip have moved on to TransWarp, who will be maintaining all the
> changes to ZPatterns? SteveA has done a great job of keeping a
> modified version available for folks running 2.3.X, but I've seen no
> motion to move those changes into the "real" ZPatterns. Now if you
> find a great optimization, will it get movedinto ZPatterns too? There
> are a number of folks now whove contributed to the 'ZPatterns' project
> and have invested significant effort in projects that are based on
> ZPatterns, and would like to see it maintained. (me!) I wonder if
> there is some way that stewardship for ZPatterns could be either
> 'handed off' or 'shared' so that these kinds of things can be kept
> up-to-date without delaying the promised TransWarp goodies. 
> What do you think? 
I've been thinking something similar since hearing about TW. If Phillip and
Ty no longer want to maintain ZPatterns perhaps we could get a little group
to keep it up-to-date and tweak it. I'd be interested and I'm sure my
company would pay me to help do this (we use ZPatterns extensively).


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