Hello guys,

It seems that I've some memory leak problems and I want to understand where
I've to look for.


I've an IIS web server that generates an XML page (taking data from
The Zope web server must retrieve the XML page, manage the data and render
them in HTML (I cant only apply a XSL stylesheet to XML).

The Facts:

I've written a external method that - using httplib - reads the XML page and
return a string that is the raw XML sources, than I've written another
external method that use ExpatBuilder of Products.ParsedXML.DOM to parse the
XML an generate a list of [(id - {mapping})] which will be accessed with a
dtml-in tag, so in the sequence-key I've access to the ID and with
sequence-item I can access to the mapping object.
I'm using latest version of ZOPE (2.3.1, the binary one with Python 1.5.2)
and ParsedXML.

The Problem:

It seems that every time the method retrieve the page or parse the XML I
loose a bunch of kilobytes. Because the methods are very simple (100 lines
of code in total) and because I didn't create any class for handling this
workflow I can't understand where I can loose bytes.

The Questions:

Is the list generated for the dtml-in tag freed automatically by ZOPE ?
Is there a Garbage Collector somewhere that must be activated ?
Should I avoid the use of the ExpatBuilder for XML processing ?

Thanks for listening my newbies questions.

Best Regards,

- mn

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