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> generally dom objects need to be released to destroy them, doing a del doc, 
> won't do it because of circular ref nature of dom. i'm guessing that you 
> would need to call something akin to releaseNode from pyxml (xml.dom.ext) on 
> the document to release it fully else you're likely to see the behavior 
> you're seeing, namely dom objects staying in memory. 

We aren't using circular refs in our DOM, so we don't have any way to
release a DOM object - losing or deleting the reference should do it.

If this isn't happening when the reference is going away, then this is
either a Zope bug or a ParsedXML bug.  I'd like to make sure that the
ref really is going away, though :)

> a quick browse through the source of ParsedXML doesn't offer any clues on how 
> to release the object (or if its nescessary). its hard to say since 
> acquisition is being used to help with the dom tree.

Acquisition is what we're currently using to avoid circular

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