Chris McDonough wrote:
> Erik Enge wrote:
> >
> > On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Chris McDonough wrote:
> >
> > > You need to manually do unions or intersections on results from multiple
> > > calls to searchRequest currently.
> >
> > Is this a feature to be implemented?  If not, why not?
> DC has no no concrete plans to implement operators or precedence in
> catalog queries, although I think it's a really super-worthwhile idea.
> We're currently focusing on the things in the Zope 2.4 plan (see
>  If someone wanted to
> try to implement it, they could create a fishbowl project and I can
> provide assistance.
> >
> > Oh, and by the way, "searchRequest"?
> __call__ works too.  ;-)
> - C

This is a project I have been keeping in the back of my mind for a while
now. At present I do not have the resources to devote, but it is my hope
that this will change. I feel strongly that that ZCatalog should have a
general query language on par with an SQL where clause. Much of the work
to implement this exists in various places, it really just needs
fleshing out and tying together.

I have also been waiting for the ZCatalog changes that have just taken
place in 2.3.1. Now that this has happened, it may be a good time to
start the discussion in the Fishbowl. I would be willing to draft this
proposal, but it will be a few weeks before I realistically can do it.

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