Additionally, other mass changes to the trunk will occur when Andreas merges
the work he's done to rid the codebase of "regex" in favor of "re".

One of the more major shifts is the deprecation of the "old" structured text
in favor of StructuredTextNG, which is serviced via a compatibility module.
The compatibility module is known to break the Zope Tutorial product
currently, but everything else in the core that uses StructuredText (e.g.
dtml-var fmt=structured-text and the help system) seems to work well.  The
tutorial will work again once 2.4 final is released.

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Subject: [Zope-dev] Heads up -- big changes on trunk

> This notice only applies to developers who are following the bleeding
> edge of Zope, the CVS trunk.  It does not apply if you downloaded Zope
> from a web site.
> We're about to check in to the trunk the unified restricted code
> implementation which is currently on the RestrictedPython branch.  The
> documentation and rationale can be found here:
> We looked at using Bastion and rexec, but neither of them provide the
> kind of granularity demanded by the Zope security model.  So we created
> a new module, RestrictedPython, which is in fact usable outside Zope.
> Although the driving goal was to support Python 2.1, this project has
> given us an opportunity to work on some long-standing issues as well.
> The restrictions are clearer and finally both DTML and scripts use the
> same code to implement security.
> We've tried hard to make the new code work just right, including new
> unit tests and a couple of optimizations.  But there is bound to be some
> breakage.  Also, as the community was warned previously, the new code
> requires Python 2.1.
> Shane
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