"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> All this is of course just my opinion, and quite possibly wrong.  But I
> think that an application developer would get more mileage out of your
> DBAPI product (coupled with some utility classes to replace Racks) or from
> ZPatterns than they would from this approach to O-R mapping.

Your opinion is highly valued, and I agree there are unknown quantities
at this point.  But I think the unknowns are not significant enough to
drop the idea.  The goal is transparent persistence with an arbitrary
RDBMS schema.  Many developers prefer to code for ZODB but customers
demand SQL.  This would bridge the gap.

Regarding performance, this method is actually ideal IMHO.  Data is read
once, converted to an object, and kept for later connections, just like

Also, Jim has suggested database-specific features for querying, etc.
and abstracting these does require application-level logic.  The goal is
not to avoid all application logic, just to move as much as possible to
the storage layer.  (My statement about this approach not using any
application logic was thus inaccurate.)


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