Erik Enge wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Erik Enge wrote:
> I figured it out, I think.  Let's say I have these two methods:
>  def a():
>         b()
>  def b():
>         a()
> If I call a(), then Zope dies and restarts without giving me any error
> at all.  Anyone got a clue?

There are many places in Zope where errors such as this (RuntimeError - try
it in an interactive interpreter) are silently swallowed by too-broad
except: clauses (except in this case, the exception is eaten, but the
interpreter process exits anyway...).

When we find that our code is dying without notice, we usually try to
narrow down the area of code that could be to blame, and then wrap it in
our own try/except like:

    do possibly bad stuff
    import traceback

... at least then we know what the exception is.

> I seem to remeber some ExessiveRecursion or some such error that popped up
> on me a year or two ago, has that left for happier hunting fields?

Again - try that code in an interactive interpreter if you really want to
find out what's going on...


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