On 21 Jun 2001, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> if your product derives from GUM or uses internal interfaces, no, you
> can't. if your product uses only well the defined external api or
> access gum through zope, then, imho, yes.

Ok, that's good.  Then it means we can potentially use GPL Zope Python
Products with non-copyleft ones.
> good question. imho, licensing a zope product under gpl is a non-sense
> because you won't be able to use it (usually products inherit on zope
> classes) and respect the gpl at the same time. that's why i always
> release under a double license. i really hope dc will release zope
> under a gpl compatible license soon or later.

Because if you have a gpl-compatible license you dont have to relicense to
redistribute, right?
> yes. terrible, terrible problem. but, please don't see that as a
> "license war". different people like different licenses for different
> reasons and that's Right (TM). this "war" is just all of us trying to
> cooperate to put free software to a better use.

Amen to that :-)

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