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> > Is there any good reason why a Product inside the 
> ControlPanel is the only
> > place a ZClass can exist? Why can't I have one in any folder?
> I think it is perfectly logical that ZClasses are located in 
> the Products
> area. A folder is for instances of classes, and a ZClass is a 
> class, not an
> instance.

That doesn't answer my question. That answers the question of "Why are they
kept in the control panel". Yet another question is "Why am I interested in
putting ZClasses elsewhere?" which my help you if I answer.

I would like to delegate responsibility for classes to different people.
I would like to have class that only can be used in the certain subsection
of a site
I would like to be able to make a quick local specialization of a class.
Similar to anonymous inner classes in Java
I would like to be able to have my code in classes and my code in methods
etc in the same place.
I would like to be able to replace a folder with methods in that I was using
as a pseudo class via aquisition into a full blown class with the absolute
minumum of effort
I would like to be able to create a quick class for use as a plugable brain
and not have to create products for it or have it in a whole different part
of my site. One part of OO says that things that are related should be close
to each other.

I could probably go on.

Now is there a technical reason why I can't have a ZClass inside any folder?

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