Joachim Werner writes:
 > > I do not agree with you:
 > > 
 > >   a ZClass is both an instance (you can manage, modify, delete)
 > >   and a class (you can use as blueprint for object creation).
 > O.k., I CAN manage/modify/delete a ZClass, but it still is (conceptually) a 
 > class, and only a class. You can manage/modify/delete Zope Python classes, too: 
 > Add new icons, DTML or "real" methods etc. It just is done from the file 
 > system. Still nobody would call those "instances" ...
 > Or did I miss something here?
Maybe you search "" for Guido's metaclasses article.
It tells that a Python class can be both a class and an instance
and that this view has interesting applications.

You focus on the class aspects of a ZClass (a pattern for creating
instances providing them with basic common infrastructure),
while I stress the instance aspects.

The fact, that you can manage ZClasses in the same way as other
Zope objects, calls for similar structuring possibilities:
taking them out of the centralized control panel and putting them
anywhere in the site. That was the starting point of our discussion...


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