On 22 Jun 2001, Simon Michael wrote:

> Now here, I have to assume RMS is using "combine" above to mean
> "combine and redistribute".
> I hope I'm right ? If "combine" included "install zwiki on your zope
> installation and use it" then everything I know is wrong..  I did
> intend for that to be fairly danger-free.

I'm not sure, I've fired off another email to get a clarification.

While we're one the topic, I just read an article [1] over at Kuro5hin
that could enlighten the management over at Digicool and us as well; it
discusses the impacts of Free Software and relates it to Free Trade, talks
about barriers and other interesting things.

>From the practical point of view, being able to use GPL-ed software with
Zope is a Good Thing (TM) for most developers.

Another thing is that some people / companies may be reluctant to add
signifcant modules that could be included in the Zope core, as they will
not get the same level of recognition for their work as Digital Creations

For me personally, a Zope license without the advertising clause would
motivate me, as the 'protection barrier' / 'restriction' / 'attribution
issue' wouldn't be there;  I have a ton of things I'd like to change in
Zope and add to Zope, and as time goes by, the who-gets-credit-issue will
undoubtedly be raised again, if we're so lucky that Digicool decides to
open up Zope for read/write CVS access.

[1] http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2001/6/23/3451/16661


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