> hello to all
> i posted this on zope this morning and it appears that i'm not the 
> only one with this problem, so i thought - give it a try at zope-dev:
> zope 2.4b1 doesnt start in manual mode from the cmd prompt - it exits 
> without any output
> its no problem with ports or other zopes, because in such a case it 
> would at least give  me a line feedback
> i tried with the included python.exe and with the one in my path 
> (activepython 2.1 build 210 from active state)
> i have installed various 2.3x versions parallel but this shouldnt make 
> a problem because till now there has never been a problem in manual mode
> i don't want to deinstall my other versions because i want to have a 
> 2.31 version on my production machine
> any suggestions ??
> thanks in advance - bernd
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its me again [;-)]

zope runs on port 80 by default, seems that i missed this somewhere
so i set it to 8080 with the -w8080 flag

but now i get the following traceback:

D:\zope240b1>python z2.py -X -D -w8080
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "z2.py", line 540, in ?
   import ZServer
 File "D:\ZOPE24~1\ZServer\__init__.py", line 87, in ?
   from medusa.test import max_sockets
 File "D:\ZOPE24~1\ZServer\medusa\test\max_sockets.py", line 2, in
   import socket
 File "D:\ZOPE24~1\bin\lib\socket.py", line 47, in ?
AttributeError: 'os' module has no attribute '_get_exports_list'


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