>Well, it's quite logical: UML can be used to map out both software and
>business development (they are, after all, two sides of the same story),
>the designer can twiddle-n-polish the interface and the programmer can
>take care of 'exceptional tasks' that can't easily be taken care of via
>the UML interface without adding too much complexity.

I agree. The facts are:

- A simple DTML Zope programmers costs are okay and maybe below programmer 
- A good Zope/Python programmer will cost above average.
- A good Zope/Python System-Designer is very expensive.

Because of that you try to minimize the Designer's time by providing a nice 
tool (UML tool, such as ObjectDomain). Then you try to minimize the Python 
Programmers time by auto-generating the framework and only make him to fill 
the methods with life. Now, because we have a UML diagram, the DTML 
programmer can start right away with programming the DTML and HTML around 
the data/functional model, since the API is clear. This way you optimized 
several things:

- Minimize the time of the expensive people.
- Minimize the development time, since many people can work parallel.
- Because of the above, you minimize risk and money spent. And voila, you 
have a well functioning RAD team.*

* This assumes that your team works together well. ;-)


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