hi again ...

i would like to know, how it would be possible, to reverse
the function of the TransparentFolders, because i wan't to
use them as a patch-like function to existing zope trees.


You have a Zope Application, that uses more than 1000 objects
in the zope tree (e.g. /main) which you did sell to many customers.
Every customer also had the choice to get some minor modifications
to this main tree.

Now I thought i could have the main tree, and use the TransparentFolders
to FIRST look into these, and after not finding anything in them 
try the main tree.

You could have a set of Folders as incremental updates to the main tree
that are a bit more "atomic".

Any hints? At most, i require more information of the process of
finding an object, to know where to threshold the alternative
search procedure.

Tnx and good night.

Christian Theune

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