=?iso-8859-1?Q?Dario=5FLopez-K=E4sten?= writes:
 > I am making a product using the Interface approach described in the ZDG.
 > As I understand it, Interfaces should expose all methods that provide
 > funtionality for my product, with the possible exception of internal methods
 > used as utility methods in the class itself. Is this correct?
You could have different interfaces, targeting different
"audiences": TTW interfaces, scripting interfaces, programming interfaces.

 > Apart from using security declarations, I want to make some of the methods
 > available thru the web (TTW), and some of the methods not publishable TTW.
 > In order to be able to publish a method TTW, they need to have a docstring,
 > right?
There is a project proposal to eliminate this DocString abuse....

 > Now, in my interface defintion I want to provide doc-strings for all methods
 > that are exposed (the interface), but not all them are to be publishable
 > TTW. Can I achieve this by using docstrings for my methods in the Interface,
 > but not in the Implementation, or do I need to omit the doc-string in both
 > the Interface and the Implementation?
It should be enough to omit the doc string from the implementation.


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