Hi Paul! Hi list!

In the last couple of weeks I have really looked forward for the CVS to be
finally opened. Not that I would be the first to be accepted as a
contributor (my Python is still lousy, as Stephan Richter could tell you
...), but I read things from ZC like "We are too busy to get contributed
patches from the tracker into the CVS!" and on the other hand guys like
Martijn Faassen begging for being allowed to help ...

So this decision will be the beginning of a new Zope age ;-)

What I haven't found on the CVS site yet is anything about peer-reviewing
contributions before they go into the main tree. While I sometimes have the
feeling that there are fixes from ZC people that should NOT have made it
into a release, there are many patches from the community that are not
getting into a release for a long time (this is not a very scientific
statement, just my personal feeling).

We need rules like "NO FIXES BETWEEN FINAL BETA AND RELEASE" (Absolutely no
fixes I mean) -- and those rules should apply to everybody.

We maybe also need an improved process for designing new API extensions etc.
One case for that is the Zope Internationalization Project
(http://www.eurozope.org/zip/FrontPage), which better sooner than later
should become a core project. I have the feeling that with the current Wiki
approach it will take ages to agree on a syntax for internationalization in
Zope. I don't mean that we need a single implementation. But we need an
agreed-on syntax that is part of the standard Zope package, so that a ZPT or
DTML Method will not break if it uses translation tags.


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