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> > Zope looks nice but I found it has two potential problems.
> >
> >  1. WYSIWYG editing
> >  2. Source control (by ClearCase)

> 1. I have not used Zope Page Templates but these are supposed to solve the
> wysiwyg problem. They are an alternative to DMTLDocuments. They allow for
> much better seperation of code and presentation. Get you graphics people
> use webdav to edit the html with whatever editor they want and the coding
> people argment the html rather than rip it appart.
> http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Articles/ZPT1

I think ZPT rocks. It's an excellent system... and combined with WebDAV or
FTP (as you mention) it does solve the WYSIWYG problem.

> 2. Hasn't really been solved. There are sort of attempts that work now
> CVS (I havn't tried it)
> http://www.zope.org/Members/sspickle/ZCVSMixin

Source control for through the web Products has been tricky. But, the
proposed Component architecture is supposed to:

1) Make it easier than ever to write file system-based Products that can be
pieced together and configured through the web
2) Perform some amount of unification between through the web and filesystem
development (though I haven't seen much detail about that)

For larger development projects, it's probably wise to do them in the
filesystem. If you do that, you'll get access to all of your favorite tools
(editors, source control, etc.)


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