Joachim Werner wrote:

>I am working on internationalizing a Zope 2.4.1 instance with ZBabel and
>providing a set of patches for Zope 2.4.1. My idea was that things would
>become much easier if I had a tarball that just contains all *.dtml files
>and the folder structure for them, so I can distribute the tarball as a
>patch that can be applied to a plain 2.4.1 instance.
>Do we have any Unix/Linux/GNU experts on the list who know how to write that
>as a shell command? I am sure that with tar and grep and some pipes or so it
>is possible, I am just too dumb to find out the right syntax  ...

So you want something like a find . -name '*.dtml' which doesn't show 
directories?  Well, what you could do to create the tarball is something 

find . -name '*.dtml' | tar -T - -cvf dtml.tar

which uses -T on gnu tar to read the filenames from stdin.


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