Title: We serve the "infinite opportunities"

Uncover a priceless treasure

The Compac's help center reports says that about 20% of the complains about pc trouble is just "not plugged in" computer. Likewise e-business. Is your business not working? Check it up that is surely "plugged in".

We offer you a unique business perspective with email and datamining technology - strategic insight inspired by technological expertise - to help you succeed in today's increasingly competitive environment.

Email that Guarantees great Results, the pinpoint email addresses !
HIMSystem will give you infinite opportunities with state-of-art datamining technology.

HIMSysem is collecting email addresses you want from all over the world. With the Stat-of-art dataming technology, we pinpoint the exact email addresses you want(valid prospects) and collecting them.

With this,you can broadcast just the exact audience you want the most effective and speedy way.
With our services you can contact real prospects(customers) directly and get opportunity to persuade a million(your choice) at once. Your opportunities expand world-wide.

Do not compare with dummy email harvestor(email collector, just spam creator) which uses ordinary search engines. They are beyond comparion. HIMSystem is fully equipped with datamining engine, document clustering, knowledge discovery in DB scheme, ambidextrous automated robots, intelligent association rules and super performance email server(a million per hour) with full log analysis system. + World famous commerial database search(free).

Our services are not only effective but also economical because we give you the email addresses themselves plus free 7 times sending. All services are fully offered seamlessly without additional prices.

  • Services we offer

    We search and collect email addresses you want.
    Whatever you want, HIMSystm will find them through whole internet include commercial databases (such as Kompass, etc).

    • We give you the email addresses themselves. You can keeping it yourself for later use.
    • You can use our free 7 times free sending.
    • Check the result objectively with log analysis system. You can check it everyday how many mail is sending, how many receive it and how many openings etc.
    • Average time for services required: a week
  • Prices and terms (special offer)

    Prices only 40 cents per each email address(minimum quantity 5000, volume discount available)

    • free 7-times mass mail sending
    • free opt-out mail management
    • free log analysis
    • free email consulting (check your emails by professional copywriter)
  • How to contact

    Any questions and apply offers contact

    Executive Manager
    Kim, Nam Chul (email : [EMAIL PROTECTED] / Fax : 82-2-569-2211)

EBookLeader is email specialized agency with IT professionals for ebook, datamining, email, intelligence processing. EBookleader, located in Seoul, KOREA, is supported by the state-run IT Industry Promotion Agency(KIPA) for its unique, guaranteed technology. Gil-Jap-Iee-media, which means guide or pathfinder, is the Korean name for eBookLeader. Haeam BD. 417, Daechi-Dong 983-3, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, KOREA (Tel:82-2-554-7925 Fax:82-569-2211) Website : www.ebookleader.com / Email:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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