Casey Duncan wrote:

>One of my products exposed a bug in the 2.4.2 version of It is 
>minor and can be worked around, but I wanted to point it out:
>Line 203 of now contains:
>del self.__dict__['validate']
>which is part of a try...finally statement.
>It seems that the "validate" key is not always present in the object at that 
>point, specifically if you recursively call an object in a different context 
>then it was originally called. as in:
><dtml-with name="something">
>  <dtml-return name="this">
>This piece of code resulted in a KeyError on "validate" in my product code, 
>which had previously worked fine. Perhaps another try statement should be 
>wrapped around this del statement?
Hi Casey,

I think that is fixed but I'm not positive that its in 2.4.2  -- I know 
its on my 2_4 branch; I think we just barely missed this for 2.4.2 -- I 
see the change going into the log about a week later.

I'll ask Brian if we're going to put out a 2.4.3 to include the fix.

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