seb bacon wrote:
> What do people think about a semi-automatic bug reporting system, like
> the gnome bug buddy?

Gotta be a big -1 from me I'm afraid.

There's a few issues:

- huge ammounts of false reports. Imagine someone who sticks up their first Zope
site has a slight bug. Everyone who visits it sees the warning and 'does their
duty' by reporting the bug.

- irritation factor for site users - I go to special efforts to kill off
Netscape's thing when I'm using Mozilla 'cos it just adds more time to
recovering from a Mozilla crash/hang/etc. With a website, people might well walk
away :-(

however, this last one is the killer for me:

- security. As someone who runs Zope servers, I don't want _anything_
automatically dumping potentially senesitive information out of my server. And
yes, I am one of those people who sometimes 'cleans' tracebacks before posting
them here or in the collecto ;-)



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