Your points are valid, but I think I maybe didn't explain myself well

I was just thinking of it happening in debug mode, not on a live server.

So many people may find bugs but don't know about the collector.  Even just
a link to the collector would encourage more people to report bugs.

There would be a greater volume of false positives, but this is a bug
management issue, not a reason to discourage bug reports.  IMO we should be
aiming at a very stable, bug free system, and for that we need lots of

All this thinking just came from the observation that real bugs often don't
get reported because someone doesn't know about the collector, or even how
to report bugs well.


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> seb bacon wrote:
> >
> > What do people think about a semi-automatic bug reporting system, like
> > the gnome bug buddy?
> Gotta be a big -1 from me I'm afraid.
> There's a few issues:
> - huge ammounts of false reports. Imagine someone who sticks up their
first Zope
> site has a slight bug. Everyone who visits it sees the warning and 'does
> duty' by reporting the bug.
> - irritation factor for site users - I go to special efforts to kill off
> Netscape's thing when I'm using Mozilla 'cos it just adds more time to
> recovering from a Mozilla crash/hang/etc. With a website, people might
well walk
> away :-(
> however, this last one is the killer for me:
> - security. As someone who runs Zope servers, I don't want _anything_
> automatically dumping potentially senesitive information out of my server.
> yes, I am one of those people who sometimes 'cleans' tracebacks before
> them here or in the collecto ;-)
> cheers,
> Chris

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