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> Matt Hamilton wrote:
> >
> > I would like in on that too :)  About a year or so ago I was working on
> > full-text indexing system for indexing several gigabytes of text
> > list archives).  Most of it was written in C and uses quite a lot of
> > algorithms from various information retrieval papers and books.  I have
> > been hoping to have the time to take parts of it and work it into the
> > PluginIndex architecture.  The existing code uses BerkeleyDB files to
> > the index structures, but I would like to use ZODB instead to give it a
> > bit more modularity.
> Hi Matt,
> Are any of these algorithms publicly available? I'd be _very_ interested
in them
> :-)

I think the software "MG" from the book "Managing Gigabytes" is GPLed and
released as mg-1.21. Walking through the TOC of the book, it seems to be a
very detailed
sources about text processing and gives very much informations about
different indexes types.
But I miss some explanations about current data structures like suffix
arrays or suffix tree
that have several advantages for text processing compared to B-Trees.


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