But kosh, we all know your hatred of all things Microsoft.

You're absolutely right, it could be fixed, and probably should be as well.

Thing is that from what I see win32 is the most popular platform for Zope
(I'm including experimenters here though, not just production sites).
Anyone from ZC want to comment on that.

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> On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Phil Harris wrote:
> > I'd say the fact that it doesn't work on Win32 is a bit of a downer.
> >
> Just a bit but overall I expect that could be changed if it where really
> important. From what I have seen under high load and python program will
> kill windows after a few days with some VM problems so this does not seem
> that important to me. I have seen on irc and the lists a good deal of
> problems to do with windows and zope with VM issues over time. I have not
> done much testing with that though since it seems like kind of a silly
> thing to spend a few thousand on an OS to run a free server on when you
> can run it on a free os also and just pay for the hardware.
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