Wow, this is one hell of a thread. :^)

FWIW, Grisha put a Bobo publisher in mod_python a couple of years ago. 
Thus, if you like ZPublisher-style processing, you can do it in Apache 
via mod_python.

I outta contact him and see if he'd consider putting page templates in 
mod_python.  Might be good for both page templates and mod_python.


Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> At 08:00 AM 10/10/01 -0700, kapil thangavelu wrote:
>> sadly the distinction between zpublisher and zserver is nowhere near as
>> clean, i spent some time looking at it this morning trying to get my 
>> server
>> of choice using zope. i thought it would be a mid morning hack, but 
>> the rabit
>> hole follows the class heirarchy deeper and deeper:).  all i have to 
>> show for
>> my results is zope's output dumped to the server logs. its a start 
>> though...
>> hopefully we get some new religion in the publisher, please...
> Hmm...   Check out:
> Specifically, the ZPlumbing module, for several examples of ZPublisher 
> run loops using CGI and two different FastCGI modules.  I don't know 
> anything about Twisted, so I couldn't tell you how easy it'd be to use 
> the ZLite framework for this.
> ZLite is the beginnings of my work on a "Zope Lite" distribution.  It's 
> sort of the "Standalone ZODB" distribution's evil twin - intended if you 
> want to use almost anything *but* the ZODB and ZMI parts of Zope.  That 
> is, when you just want the app server without the IDE and application 
> framework.  Architecturally, it's intended for multi-process, single 
> thread setups using Apache as a front-end, with FastCGI.
> This shouldn't be considered an announcement or a release, btw.  The 
> code in CVS is production-hardened by years of service (many millions of 
> hits served), but is utterly without documentation, nor has everything 
> I've written been checked into CVS yet.
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