At 10:10 AM 11/30/2001 +0000, Andy Dawkins wrote:

>To be honest i would be happy for Zope 3 not to be backwards
>compatible.  Tidy it up, delete the unless code, dare i say it -
>refactor.  Yes so my products will break, well half a days refactoring
>myself and i have a tidier more understandable project anyway.

It is strange, but I actually agree on that. As I have seen in the CVS 
checkins (which I at least try to keep track of), Zope3 will be quiet 
different and the philosophy changes are so severe that some old concepts 
don't seem to fit anymore, like manage_* methods... I know we started 
discussing this already on Coders....there it was suggested to have simply 
a Zope2 Compatibility product (but I do not know, whether this is actually 
technical feasible, since a HotFix product cannot patch every corner of Zope.)

Since I have to port my 13 products, I will have enough experience after 
that and can write necessary documentation...


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