At 03:01 PM 11/30/2001 +0000, Chris Withers wrote:
>Steve Alexander wrote:
> >
> > Does the fishbowl process address this for you?
> >
> >
> From me, that'll be a resounding no.
>Every single idea I've had for Zope has died somewhere in the fishbowl, 
>and not because people have turned round and
>gone "no, that's a crap idea." That I wouldn't have a problem with.

I second that. The fishbowl is a big ocean and from time to time a bucket 
of water is added and it gets lost. I remember just my DateTime request!

>The fishbowl is an exciting idea, but quite frankly, I have neither the 
>time nor the patience to monotonously go and
>check if anyone has commented on a proposal or find out how relevant 
>propsals are doing.

I agree. And there was at least no overview of this is new or this has 
changed... You had to wade through it yourself....

>We're suppsoed to be good at doing this information management thing, 
>given the jobs we all do, so how come the thing
>which should be bringing us together is such an example of making the user 
>do all the work while the technology sits
>idley by?

Well, I think that needs to be part of ZC's revamp of their structure... 
Top priority for the community-involved employees (Paul ;-) should be to 
provide the community with a dev tool they can work with well! BugZilla is 
not without a reason so famous (even though it is a monster).


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