Lennart Regebro wrote:

> What I do agree on is that Zope corp not always seem to *listen* to the
> community. It is hard to contribute to Zope, and it feels to me that you
> have to fight to make Zope Corp to things the right way, even when you in
> fact already have done the work for them. I don't know why that is, or if it
> is possible to change that. I suspect they simply have far too much to do...
> :-)

I'd have to agree with that assessment, plus the reason given. 
Ultimately it's unacceptible.

When I was young and stupid (I'm no longer young), I had my license 
suspended for too many speeding tickets.  I had to go to a class where a 
psychologist talked to us about "why" we speed.  They had an anecdote 
about an old man who was driving with his wife down a country rode.  He 
saw someone speeding towards an intersection.  Though the old man had 
the priority, the other car kept speeding and hit the old guy's car, 
killing his wife.

The police officer asked they old guy, "Did you see him coming?" "Yes." 
  "Why didn't you stop?"  "I had the priority."  "But your wife died!" 
"Yes, but I had the priority."

Moral: there's a difference between correct and right.  While we might 
have good reasons for inattention, it will surely lead to an 
unsatisfying conclusion.  Thus, ZC needs to be smaller part of a larger 
Zope, IMO, and do this by spending more time helping the community take 
over parts of Zope and the Zope world.


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