Paul Everitt wrote:
> Moral: there's a difference between correct and right.  While we might
> have good reasons for inattention, it will surely lead to an
> unsatisfying conclusion.  Thus, ZC needs to be smaller part of a larger
> Zope, IMO, and do this by spending more time helping the community take
> over parts of Zope and the Zope world.

Well, this is a purpose, which is good.

I'd say sorting out the Fishbowl would be a good action to start with.

Now, I see options for this:

1. We can build something better. I can list requirements but that's not relevent 
here. However, this will take serious
effort (it's a hard problem...) and as we know from bitter experience, things that 
need serious effort either don't
happen, take far too long to happen or happen badly ;-)

2. We could by a tool that does this kind of thing. Where would we get such a beast 
from? how much would it cost/ who
would fit the bill?

3. We could use another open source tool. Bugzilla springs to mind. Yes, it's not 
Zope, or even python, but it does
work, certainly better than anything we, as a community, have right now or could build 
in the time it would take to
install and set up.

Is this time to swallow pride or find a big checkbook?


PS: If becomes Zope based, think of it as a part exchange ;-)

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