I just looked through a few parts of the Zope3 CVS tree, and I must say 
it's looking mighty nice so far at the 50,000 foot level...  I especially 
like the Zope.Transaction package; it'll eliminate the need for my 
ZLite.Transaction hack.  Indeed, much of the package-level refactoring 
seems much more friendly to those of us who'd like to pick and choose the 
parts we use.  The Zope.Publisher and Zope.App.ZopePublication packages 
look cool too.

Very nice configuration system, with meta-configuration, even.  Very 
awesome.  I can see how this will make it easier to create products that 
influence other products, although I'm not sure how the import order works 
out; haven't gotten that far just yet.  Nonetheless, this is all *really* 
impressive stuff.

So far, the only thing that's been at all negative is that many of the 
'IFooBarBaz' interfaces seem a little confusing as to what they do, in that 
their names don't seem very obvious or self-documenting, at least to 
me.  But I promise that once I *do* figure out what they do, I'll try to 
suggest more evocative names.  :)  The interfaces in the tutorial could use 
improvement similarly; again if I can think of anything better I'll try to 
suggest naming conventions.

P.S.  Speaking of naming, I still dislike "feature" as a term for interface 
implementations; various suggestions available on the "Feature" page of the 
ComponentArchitecture Wiki.  :)

P.P.S.  You guys must've been *really* busy on this...  I'm really 
impressed.  The new stuff so far seems like a breath of fresh air where 
Zope internals are concerned.  Kudos!

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