"Jay, Dylan" wrote:
> Can I ask you a question? Something I;ve tried to do in the past with
> jcNTUserFolder (maybe not tried hard enough) is this. I want all my users to
> be authenticated via challenge-response mechanism such that no one has to
> enter a username or password.
> >From what I can work out jcNTUserFolder doesn't actually help with this at
> all, or have I missed something?
I wrote jcNTUserFolder just to do that, you know :-)
But, currently, you have to go through IIS. I think there is an howto on

I have tried to look at challenge/response authentication, but it is so
hard and so much undocumented I left it. it would require to change
Medusa (IIS and IE have a no-close connection when in challenge/response
mode. it seems it must be so at least for the challenge/response part of
the protocol; I suppose it would require too much time if they have to
authenticate on each connection :), and to change Zope (you don't have
the password, just a hash, that you must ask the PDC to validate for
you, unless someone know how the hash is generated), and to have a
compatible User Folder.

however, if someone can point me to a good source of documentation about
that, and some example code, I may want to give it a try again.


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