Matt Kromer wrote:

> We have not been able to reproduce this problem in any deterministic way
> -- and the only people who seem to have it are those who are heavy MySQL
> users; it makes me think there is something in the adapter which is not
> behaving the same way under Python 2.1 than it did under Python 1.5.2.
>  I have not looked at the adapter, so I'm making a few guesses as what
> is going wrong.

Well, sorry to disapoint everybody, but we have the same signal 11 restarts

We are using DCO2 latest from CVS and have _very_ high Oracle database

We have yesterday changed from our solaris box to a linux box and
performance has increased dramatically (the linux box ia a 1.8 GHz P3 :).

also the threading problems we previously had seem to  have dissapeared.

Our current setup:

redhat 7.2
Oracle client 8.1.7
Python 2.1 source compiled --without-pymalloc
Zope 2.4.3 with transparent folders, formulator, replace support, localfs
lastest DCO2

Now, what can we do to pin down the problem. Is there anyone else that is a
heavy databse user on similar circumstances that can share information?

I am starting to suspect that there is some kind of DA problem here...

Also, for the record we usually get a bunch of these quite often:

2001-11-04T09:04:33 ERROR(200) ZServer uncaptured
  python exception, closing channel <zhttp_channel connected
  XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2181 at fb4edc channel#: 2286 requests:4>
  (socket.error:(32, 'Broken pipe')

4] [/usr/local/zope/dist/Zope-2.4.1/ZServer/medusa/|send|414]

We were seeing the same error (|send|330, etc) on solaris.

Any thoughts?


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