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>Beginning of January somewhere in Europe. However, as I understand it, it
>will NOT be a "public" event, since the goal is to produce workable Zope 3

Thats fine by me. I don't know who are involved in the different
localization projects and who to talk to, but I think the input that I
provide are valid and must be taken care of. If not by the people doing
things today, then by myself.

I am of course very willing to contribute coding also. I'm very sorry that I
haven't looked into the localization efforts earlier, I have had that quite
far down on my list, mostly because there were project ongoing, so I viewed
it as "being taken care of". Not until I recently on this list heard that
there was TWO efforts that had some kind of disagreement I started to look
into things.
This obviously was very badly prioritized by me, and thats my fault. I'm
sorry about that.

> BTW, with criticism comes usually constructive input.

Unfortunately it seldom does, but I agree that it should. :-)

I understand you take this as critisism of your work and react like it's
personal. Especially if this has been an ongoing discussion for a long time
where people can not agree. It happens. I do not intent to hurt anybodies
feelings, I merely state my view of things, and in this case I do it very
strongly, becuase I very strongly feel that I am right, and that this is
obvious and that there is a very real danger that the localization efforts
of Zope will result in something that is not usable to us.

We here at Torped have recently discovered that for our efforts, we need a
translated version of Zope. This is nothing we can do ourselves, it has to
be delevoped centrally and included in the zope core. We are very willing to
commit time and resources to make this happen in the correct way.

> I have also looked for your name on the Zope site, and all I found were
> some comments. If you have already improvements to some of the Zope code,
> why are you not publishing it then?

I haven't gotten involved in actually improving Zope itself until recently,
because I haven't needed to. I'm trying to contribute, but have run up into
the problems that is now being discussed in the "Open letters" debate.

I have contributed things like patches. I don't know why they are not
publicly availiable, because they are supposed to be listed... Theres
something in the Zope site I don't understand. :-)

Also I have submitted patches to Zope for bugfixes. One of them was indeed
entered into the source. Another was first incorrectly rejected, and has
since been completely ignored by Zope corp, something I don't know how to

So, no, I haven't contributed much yet from these reasons. That does not
mean I'm not willing to contribute if I get a chance.

Please don't take my suggestions personally in any way. I have what I regard
as good, valid points, with solid arguments behind, and I'm willing to
contribute to get it done. I don't want to do it myself, in competition with
you, but together.

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