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Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] Open Letter to zope-dev

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001 08:50:14 -0500, "Andreas Jung"

>>Also I had expect some input of the community regarding at unicode support
>>inside Zope. But there has been no feedback. It looks like no one needs
>>unicode support in Zope ?! :-)
>I see the smiley, but Im still not sure whether you are joking.
>Ive had stable, mature unicode support available as patches since Zope
>version 2.1. Im sure Andreas is familiar with them, we have discussed
>some details on more than one occasion.

I must admit that I have lost the focus while working on other stuff.
I also hesitated including the patches because it takes some time
understanding the patches. When I checkin patches of other people
I like to understand and know about all side effects to minimize
the risks because I take over some kind of responsibilities and ownership
of the code.

The best way to include the patches into Zope is to get CVS access and
put your stuff into a sandbox including updated documentation and unittests
where neccessary.

>Ive expressed to DC several times that I am keen to get these patches
>into the zope core, and at Brian's request documented the changes in
>two fishbowl proposals (even that request seemed cheeky at the time;
>my patches were stable long before the fishbowl process ;-). He said
>he was keen to get something into version 2.3, then version 2.4, but
>so far nothing.

Sometimes things get lost or forgotten. The best way to solve is problem
is to become an active contributor with CVS checkin rights (see above).

>>The opening of the CVS
>>is a good starting point but I would like to see more people contributing.

>So far it really does appear that nothing will happen about this
>particular issue until it is needed by a zope.com consulting project.

This is not true. E.g. unicode support for the ZCatalog in Zope 2.5 has
been added without the need of a ZC consulting project. I have implemented
this support because I know that unicode support in the ZCatalog is very
important due to my professional experiences during the last years.

I admit that there is a gap between lots of useful proposals in the Fishbowl
and the number of proposals that are really implemented and get included in
the Zope core. I think the writers of proposals should try to get a "go
on the zope-coders list after the proposal has been reviewed by the
community and
ZC and then work the implementation. But don't expect that all proposals can
be implemented with ZC resources only. If someone likes to contribute
things to Zope, this is now much more easy with the opening of the CVS
to earlier times.


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