The new compiler fixes that we have to date are actually in 2.4 branch and
2.5 branch as well as the trunk; they're in the
lib/python/RestrictedPython/compiler directory; so you could go to and just pull down that directory (optionally pulling
down your specific branch too).  Pythonlabs is working on a few more cases
which I expect will be done and checked in RSN; then we'll backport those to
the branches so you don't have to install a new python to get the fixes with

Anthony Baxter is anticipating a Python 2.1.2 beta real soon now (probably
this weekend) so I am going to try to get that into Zope 2.5's binary
releases, although we may put out a Zope 2.5 beta 3 first.  This will
include the necessary Python patches to ceval.c to fix the frame bug; after
it hits the streets Python 2.1.2 will become our recommended Python for

The ExtensionClass.h patch has NOT been merged into the branches and trunk
yet pending further review.

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other solutions also suggested

> Matt et al -
> We are using python 2.1.1 with pymalloc disabled and gc enabled with
> zope 2.4.3 on the solaris platform.  We are currently seeing only 1 or
> 2 restarts a day for the zope/zeo clients.  Fortunately, we have not
> experienced any trouble with the zeo server.
> We have applied the a) extensionclass bugfix and I'm also planning to
> apply the b) frame setup bugfix later this week.  We feel that patch
> a) has reduced the number of restarts ... but the site activity has
> descreased as well so it is difficult to really confirm.
> 1) I would like to know if any patches are available yet for the c)
> compiler stack size bug.  When and if this patch is available, would
> it require a new python installation, a new zope installation, or
> both?
> 2) Are there any other related patches/comments with respect to python
> 2.1.1 and zope 2.4.3 and this issue?
> thanks,
> - joe n.
> At Tue, 18 Dec 2001 10:44:33 -0500,
> Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
> >
> > Well, one suspicion I have is that (aside from memory corruption caused
> > by the compiler sack size bugs and the frame setup bug in 2.1 when
> > handling exceptions) ExtensionClasses are providing bogus data to
> > modules which aren't checking the flags to see if the GC fields are
> > populated.
> >
> > Some of the people who have tried the modified extensionclass.h which
> > pads out the type object to align it with the 2.1 type object THINK they
> > have seen a reduction in crashes, but these same folks also have not
> > applied fixes for the two known bugs.
> >
> > Soo... if shutting off GC extends time between crashes for some folks
> > from every 15 minutes to 3 times a day, my advise is to shut off GC.
> >

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