OIC.  Thanks!

This patch probably makes sense for some class of usage.  I'm a little 
skittish because I think doing magic (e.g. "if I dont find a data 
container where I said there was one, make one in  /temp_folder") might 
tend to bite folks.  Also, doing "writes on reads" (explicitly commiting 
a transaction in the middle of a request-bounded transaction) is 
probably a bad idea because it might cause half of something to be 
committed inadvertently.

The "right" solution for this is to create some sort of analogue of 
"rc.d/init.d" for Zope where you can hook Zope startup and thus 
repopulate the temp_folder with the separate data containers then.  I 
thought of this a while back but lacked the time to implement it.

- C

Darrell Gallion wrote:

> I wanted each SessionDataManager to have it's own
> "Session Data Container" in the /temp_folder
> This allows me to invalidate them one by one and
> provide various timeouts. 
> Since these are not persistent, there's a problem.
> So I added properties to SessionDataManager so it
> could create it's own
> /temp_folder/SessionDataContainer if need be.
> Maybe I'm using this all wrong?
> Thanks
> --Darrell
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