First, apologies for the cross posting.  I need to make sure this gets
to as many people as possible, for obvious reasons...

Everyone's got grumbles about how is organised.  Now is the
time to quit grumbling and do something about it.  If you are a newbie
or a guru, please take the time to respond to this email!

I'm currently in the process of defining requirements for improving the website.  The first part of this process is listening to the
key constituencies for the site.  Please note, I'm *not* planning on
making a new products rating system, or a replacement for the fishbowl:
I'm interested in the graphical design and informational content of the

The questions are intended to help me understand who is using,
how they use it, and what they would like it to be. If you don't want to
answer all the questions, that's fine - just one answer is better than

Reply to this email privately.  I won't divulge any of the information
to anyone else for any reasons, and the information will only be used to
help improve the website.  I will write up a report once I've
received enough input, and publish the results online.

Thanks for taking the time to help improve the web site...



1) How did you hear about Zope?

2) Before you used Zope, what were you expecting?

3) How did the website change this?  Did it confirm, exceed or
undermine your expectations?

4) Are you: (a) just trying to find out about this zope thing
            (b) a zope newbie
            (c) a zoper of moderate ability
            (d) a zoper of distinction
            (e) a guru

5) How would you describe your role in your organisation?  The following
list is for guidance only - try to describe what you do in your own

            (a) developer
            (b) technology decision maker
            (c) business decision maker
            (d) technical architect / technical lead
            (e) content developer
            (f) content manager
            (g) just a hobby

6) (developers only) Give an estimate of your skill level (none, low,
medium or high) for the following:

 (i) Client side development

  - HTML
  - Javascript
  - XML

 (ii) Server side development

  - ASP
  - PHP
  - ColdFusion
  - JSP
  - perl
  - SQL

 (iii) Server admin skills

  - Apache
  - IIS
  - mySQL
  - shell
  - postgres
  - oracle
  - ms sql server

7) Have you ever used the following products?

  - broadvision
  - vignette
  - interwoven
  - spectra
  - midguard
  - phpnuke
  - cocoon
  - mediasurface

8) Which of the technologies mentioned in questions 6 and 7 do you see
as closest to Zope?  (You can name more than one)

9) What is your preferred operating system?

10) If you could make one piece of information easier to find on, what would it be?

11) Graphically, what would you expect from a site like  Give
examples from other sites, if possible.

12) Give 3 adjectives which describe the current website

13) Give 3 adjectives which describe how you'd like it to be

14) How often do you visit the website? 

15) Which part of the current site do *you* find the most useful?

16) Give the current website a score between 1 and 10
(1=completely useless; 3=pretty bad  5=just about usable 7=pretty good
10=my favourite site)

17) Would you be happy for me to contact you again for more detail (I'm
thinking of further emails or IRC sessions)?

18) Any other comments?

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