In a similar vein to Dieter's answer, depending on the rest of your
situation you might also want to look at my VirtualHostFolder, now in beta
at .  If virtual hosts are any part
of your set up, and you are willing to try a beta, I might be interested in
creating a new HostOverride implementation for your need, in order to show
the flexibility of my product and also to test my interface design.  I would
then not feel bad if you didn't end up using it, but would appreciate the
chance to try my design out with a real need.

So get back to me if this is of any interest to you (if you are not using
virtual hosts then there is probably no reason for me to kick in here: the
SiteAccess tool will do the job more efficiently, I would guess).


P.S. If you look at the product as released...

Since this last beta release I am still tweaking interfaces for future
design flexibility and current efficiency, as well as decoupling some of my
own implementations to follow my interfaces better.  I also now have a hard
redirect (I mean a browser redirect) IHostOverride object that can be a part
of a host object the same way an Alias can.  The Alias object is not what
you want, by the way: the design of that object is to alias folders only
(because it does some path hacking tricks that are only pertinent to
folders).  I would have to build you another IHostOverride implementation,
either (ideally) as some kind of generic stack rewriter modifiable through
the web or (if that UI proves too problematic) as a rewriter specific to
your FrontPage needs.  Writing the redirect sub-object was pleasantly easy,
an hour or less of work, so I make this offer in the expectation that it
would be a quick diversion to add some new flexibility to my product.


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