This is regarding the Zope restarting problem that's been talked about
recently.  We've tried TONS of different configurations:

  Python 2.1.x (with threads and with & without pymalloc)
  Zope 2.4.x (built wo_pcgi & binary installs)
  ZMySQLDA (with & without the Kromer patch)
  MySQLdb (built against the different flavors of Python)

Here's our latest attempt at a stable Zope:

  - Python 2.1.2 (with threads and with pymalloc)
  - Zope 2.4.4b1 (wo_pcgi build)
  - ZMySQLDA (latest CVS checkout with and without the Kromer patch
    applied to db.py)
  - MySQLdb (latest CVS checkout build against Python 2.1.2)
  - TinyTable product (one of our patches applied)
  - A customizations product for removing specific restrictions on
    through-the-web components.

Does anyone know for sure if this is a problem with ZMySQLDA or with

We've been hearing talk that once 2.4.4 is released, all will be good
in the hood.  Are we missing the boat somewhere?  Can anyone confirm
that a similar setup fixed their Zope restart problems?

Are there any magic option values (num threads, disable watchdog) we
can be passing to z2.py that might help stop the bleeding?

If it is confirmed that 2.4.4 is still hosed, then what is the
recommended course of action?  Down-grade to Zope 2.3.3?  Cross our
fingers and wait?  Which is more stable right now, Zope 2.5.0 or Zope

Thank you,

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