Doesnt seem to like being refreshed and some event items arent in the time
dict, I noticed these were items that I had got in a ram cache. So i just
stuck an if at line 496. Other than that its a great product. Most important
tool since refresh if you ask me...

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> I've just announced our Call Profiler product on and the zope
> announce list (waiting for people in different timezones to authorise them
>   (  for the impatient)
> In a nutshell, it patches the rendering guts of DTMLMethod, ZSQL, etc. and
> the ZPublisher so that we can get timing marks for requests as the calls
> made. The patching is quite simple (once I got the hang of it ;) and
> reversible, and means that there's no changes required to the Zope core to
> enable the testing (which our initial versions did).
> It does pose a question though: would it be better to have support for
> stuff in the core, or is it OK for a product like this to dynamically
> the call methods when it needs to?
> On one hand, the performance hit when dynamically patching the methods is
> zero when the product is not "active", but it does mean diddling with
> that really probably should be left alone. On the other hand, having
> to the core code to test for profiling being enabled introduces a small
> performance hit even when profiling is not activated.
> Any comments?
>     Richard
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