Python 2.1.2 has some extra safety checks that will immediately detect
the stack overflow bugs that caused problems with PythonScripts before
2.4.4.  The fact that you're seeing crashes in the garbage collector
and not assertion failures in Python/ceval.c makes me think the
problem isn't with the PythonScripts.  I wouldn't rule it out
completely, but it seems unlikely.

Does the community have any Zen about how to narrow down bugs like
this?  It seems a daunting task, in general, because it's not obvious
what particular request exercises the bug, and the error report
doesn't come until long after the bug occurs.

I wonder if you could crank up the garbage collection frequency --
either use gc.set_threshold() to see the threshold very low or add an
explicit call to gc.collect() after each request.  If you're lucky,
this would cause the bug to be detect -- like right after the request
that exercised the bug.

Where exactly would you put the gc.collect() call to make this work?


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