So now I have installed a brand new MySQL-python-2.9.2a2 explicitly
compiled against reentrant mysql libraries (libmysqlclient_r, in
Debian's libmysqlclient10-dev package). I also installed
ZMySQLDA-2.0.9b1 which compounds MySQL-python reentrancy by serializing
all mysql requests with a lock.

We've also completely reformed the site so as to get rid of that huge
number of pythonscripts (they were mostly duplicates and we manage to
remove the redundancy using ZClasses).

Segfaults are still with me, however, unless I disable the cycle-gc, of 

Tomorrow I'll try and get a core to see what gdb can tell me. Anything
you guys suggest I take a look at? (besides the C stack trace which will
probably be pointing somewhere inside the GC)

I'll also try go get the remaining non recompiled python scripts fixed,
so as to please Anthony Baxter :-) But for that I'll need one of these:

* a way to make the 'needs recompiling' log message give me the path to
the object. Since that message happens at __setstate__,
getPhysicalPath() doesn't return anything useful (no acquisition

* a way to know whether a Python script needs recompiling or not. So
that I can ZCatalog only the non recompiled python scripts. I tried
asking the ZCatalog for all the python scripts and later recompiling
them, but I managed to miss a lot of them somehow. It's as if the
ZCatalog decided that it wasn't going to really catalog ALL python

Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like
solitary confinement.

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